Anonymous: hii im new to hunter hunter and i must say i love it so much!! but i have a question about kurapikas eyes , they get red when he is emotional, right? so is it safe to asume they do it when hes embarrassed or sad?? not only anger? thanks!

I think it’s mainly anger? I might be mistaken or forgetting some details, but I think we’ve really only seen them go red when he’s angry.

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Anonymous: I wonder how Hisoka would react if his two fruits paired up? No love for Hisoka

TRUTHFULLY, I don’t think HIsoka would care much. He just wants a good fight, anyways?

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[ forever together ]

if you enjoy this fanart, please bookmark it if possible

ao-andaon: "There’s a post I saw saying that you shouldn’t call KiluaGon a bromance and tbh it’s true because Killua loves Gon in so many ways." Can you send the link of that post? Pleaseee! I beg you!!

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